How To Get AdSense Account Approved Quickly For Your Website With Small Tips And Tricks

Google AdSense Approval Simple Tips And Tricks.

Hello everyone in this post I want to share some important tips on AdSense approval with you. beginners are always fails to approval of their AdSense account because they don’t know about google AdSense. here you can get some simple techniques and tips to get approved google AdSense account without any interruption. Most people do not know that SEO is also an important to Get a Google AdSense account.
google adsense approval process

Don't do these things
  • Simply do not copy and paste content on your blog from others.
  • Your website or blog should not be containing any illegal, sexual, adult, hacking related article.
  • Also your website should not be containing any copywrited images, videos, books, nude images. 
  • Before and after applying adsense do not use any third party’s ads like chitika, media on your website.
  • Do Not use any paid traffic to your website.
  • Should not use adsense unsupported language in your blog or website.

Strictly do these things

  • Your blog should be contained custom domain name.
  • Your domain should be minimum 6 months old and it should be top level domain name.
  • Make sure your website or blog contain high quality, unique, copyright free or not copied content. 
  • Website should be contained at least 15-20 articles or post and each post should be contain 500+ rich word related to your article.
  • Should be add pages such as about us, contact us, privacy policy on your website.
  • Make sure you are used adsense friendly template or theme on your website.
  • Also website owner must be 18-year-old.
  • You must include author of page and original image of author.
  • Before applying adsense, daily visitors of your website or traffic or page views are should be 1000+.
  • Your website theme should be mobile pc and user friendly.
  • Your website or blog side bar should be clean.
  • Strictly your website must be follow SEO.


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