How To Customize Title,Description,Meta Tag Description in Blogger

How To Customize Title,Description,Meta Tag  

After Set Up Custom Domain Name,The Description,Title,Meta tags,Time zone And Some Other Things Related To That Your Website  Or Domain Must Be Properly Adopted To The Blogger,because it is very important to SEO  And these  Factors  also helps for google rank.Below It Is Shown By The  Screen Shots

1)Adding A Title
Factors to be noted
  • Title Length Should Be Within 100 Characteristics
  • The Title Must Have At Least One Main Targeted Keyword of Your Website
  • Don’t Copy or Duplicate the Title of Others Blog
  • Title Must Be Unique
Tap On Setting > Basic Then You Will See A Page Like This

In That Title Box You Must Give Title That Closely Related and All about Your Website

 2)Adding Description
Next We Will Move to Description Box In That Box Text Your Website Description Including Some Main Keywords
Factors to be noted
  • The Description Should Be Less Than Five Hundred Characteristics
  • Description Should Be Include Some Main Targeted Key Words
  • Briefly Describe Your Brand

3)Adding Meta Tag Description
Next We Should Give the Meta Tag Description
Factors to be noted 
  • Characteristics Should Be Less Than 150.
  • Meta Description Plays Vary Important Role in Seo So Must Fill With Care Fully About Brand with Main Targeted Key Words.
  • Meta Tag Should Be Closely Related To the Domain Name, Title Name.
  • If Meta Description, Title, Domain Name Is Not Related To Each Other, Google Will Ignored Your Website in Search Results.
Tap On Setting >Next Tap On Search Preference>Enable Search Description by Hitting Yes Button


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