How To Setup Custom Domain Name To Blogger From

Set up  custom domains name to your Blog From Godaddy

After purchasing custom domain name all you need is to set up custom domain name on blogger so here I would like to show you how to set up custom domain name on blogger step by step

Simply login to your blogger dashboard and find over to the settings > basic and you see an option that says publishing > blog address > +set up third party for your web blog
blogger custom domain ,how to set up a blog with your own domain name
Here you need to put the custom domain name that what you have purchased so click on + setup third party URL for your  blog, and put the domain name which you have purchased and Hit the save  button 
 third party domain settings blogger

Note: you must need to put domain name with www. As prefix
When you hit the save button by adding domain name with www. You can see an error  
Saying like "we have not been able to verify your authority to the domain error 12 & then it will give you 2 CNAME RECORDS  you like this below you can see the 2 pictures 
 add cname record to dns godaddy

godaddy cname

 godaddy cname Labels
When you get these 2 CNAMES,It is time to login to your domain control panel (go daddy) and should make changes,Now follow the next steps for setting up CNAME.

Sign in to your go daddy account and you can see a screen like this

domain registration india
Then click on my products now  you can see a  screen like this in that screen you can see all the domain list you have purchased

godaddy website examples
godaddy  my Products
dns management
Next you have to click on the DNS and you will get a screen like this 

godaddy dns settings

next click on add  and from the popup results CNAME  And add both RECORDS  one by one from your blogger account the set-up is easily shown in  these two images to make it easier for you to understand 

godaddy default dns

godaddy dns label name
After adding both CNAMEs click on save changes. you should add 4 I.P address into your A RECORD and the procedure goes as above, all you have to do is select from the popup instead of CNAME.I will share on one image showing how to add A RECORD, so you should also add a remaining 3 A RECORDS 
how to map domain name to ip address godaddy

Like this you need to add 4 A RECORDS and final screen shot of A RECORD looks like this, 4 important I.P address are

  • After set up CNAME And A RECIRDS successfully you'll have to wait 5 minutes to 4 hours for change this setting globally.
  • At the same time you can go back to your BlogSpot dashboard & hit the save button.
  • If the CNAME & A RECORDS have updated globally. Error will be dis appear and your custom domain name start working.
  • If you see error again you will need to wait for some more minute or hours to add the custom domain name globally.
When it’s added successfully Google will take care of the redirection part, if someone opens your BlogSpot blog address or URL suddenly it will be automatically forwarded to your new custom domain name.One last thing is you will need to click edit and check the option which says redirect to

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