How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name (Tips And Tools)

Great Tips For Choosing Perfect Domain Name 

Choosing Perfect domain name for your blog is critical to your success. if you select wrong or incorrect domain name than your brand and search ranking can be a quarrel without hurting .so choosing a Perfect domain name is very important .if you have a quality and Unique content and brand people will visit your blog No matter what the domain is like so here I will share all the tools and tips you need to choose Perfect  domain name ideas.

1.Make It Easy To Type For Users 
         If he used slavery (u intended of you) Or words with multiple spellings may be herder for user to find your blog on search engine. 

2.Make It Similar 
         If your domain name is long and complex, you will be exposed to the risk of miss typing &misspelling the users.

3.Make It Brandable
         When you ask or look for a domain name it will look like a brand, that is hyphens and numbers are a real problem & they are not branded, they have a common or strong voice Brandable domain name are must unique catchy and memorable.

4.Use Your Keywords
          Use key words that describe your business, brand and the service you offer.
          Ex: if you are a textile business you may want to register

5.Target Your Area
         If your business is local considering includeYour city, state, etc. in your domain name to make it easy for local customers or users to find &remember

6.Avoid Number And Hyphens
          Number and hyphens are offer misunderstood,if you are using the numerical (5) or it is pronounce ( five ) for people who wish your website address and they  will either mislead or forget the dash so never create a domain with hyphens or numbers these are may be signs of spam domains  that do not want  to be related  you. 

7.Research It 
         Make sure the domain name you choose is not used by the trademark, copyright or any other company and this can lead to big legal mess .

8.Used The Appropriate Domain Name Extension 
        At the end of web address (URL) extensions are suffixes such as. Com .net, .in, .live, .guide, .org, .in, these may have specific uses so make you sure to choose what works for your blog
.co: an abbreviation for community, commerce, and company. 
.info: informational sites.
.net: technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
.org: non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
.biz: business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
.me: blogs, resumes or personal sites.

Once you selected a perfect domain name,It’s important to know how to buy it & how to set up it on blogger.

Blogger domain name are like a vanity URL Of your BlogSpot blog. This will allow you to create a good and easy to remember your domain name or URL
Ex: from your ( to

When you start a blog on you usually get the domain name as ( & we call it a free domain name & must like as a custom domain name is a good example for a custom domain name 

So I would like to share some best, perfect domain Name purchasing websites and how to set up a custom domain on a blogger 

Popular and best website to buy a perfect domain names


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